Property Management

Keyholding Having us as key administrators, you are assured that your key is safely stored in a safe at all times. The key is available to you and can be delivered to your place or any required destination. Price upon request. Keyholding, home-check and technical inspection With the key management and home-check service we inspect your house at any given time. Each house has a customized inspection list and includes:
    • Keyholding
    • General house inspection
    • Windows, doors and alarm inspection
    • Toilet and faucet inspection
    • Mould and moisture inspection
    • Airing the house
    • Water the plants
    • Electicity, lighting and white-goods inspection
    • Mail (post) check and forwarding it to your place of choice.
    • Inspection report by e-mail after each visit (with photos if desired)
    • Additional requirements always negotiable

Welcome and check-out
With the reception and check-out service, we welcome your guest, show them arrond and also take care of the necessary legal documents to be signed (required tourist forms). At the check-out we inspect the house and optionaly carry a final cleaning.


Would you like to know whether your house meets the legal requirements to be rented out? Give us a call and we’ll help you out.


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